So You Want to be a Pirate?

A Lot of Stuff Happened and Then...

Having many adventures and sailing across the sea plundering and pillaging as pirates are like to do. We jump forward now to this vicious crew after capturing a ship and sending it to Rickity Squibs to get its profile changed. Cayleb, as First Mate was chosen to pilot the vessal while the rest of the crew went to Blood Cove to sell it’s ill gotten booty. Vowing to meet up back at Tidewater Rock. On his way to Squibs, Cayleb had the unfortunate luck of running into an Imperial Sea Dragon that rose up to the height of his ship and demanded that it be paid for the ships passage through these waters. The ship cannabilized of loot when it was taken all that Cayleb had was a small bag of coin and when Cayleb tried to offer it the dragon wasn’t satisfied. The dragon decided it would eat the ship’s crew instead but Cayleb proved very persuasive and convinced the dragon that if he met up with his Captain’s ship to the east, that they would pay the dragon handsomely. Taking one of Cayleb’s pistols as collatoral the dragon disappeared back under the water and Cayleb decided that the ship’s new name would be the Lucky Dragon.

Meanwhile, the Scourge’s Bad Day returned to Blood Cove only to find that a bill collector from the city’s rulers had come to collect. Captain Pari refused the man and tasked Fizban to sell the slaves that they had gained from raiding a fishing village. Mojo went to sell supplies and it wasn’t long till he discovered that their bad relations with the local cartel had business owners selling to him at double the price and only buying from him at half prices that he was expecting. Mojo informed the captain of this and Pari told him not to buy anything, refusing to play the cartel’s game. Fizban searched through the slave market looking for someone to sell to when his good fortune led him to Honest Sam’s Slave Emporium. Fizban took the freshly captured fisherman to Honest Sam to look over, when one of them was belligrant to Sam, he cut out the fool’s tongue. Fizban approved of Sam’s conduct and told him that if that fisherman had spoken to him that way he would have killed him. Taking this as permission, Fizban found himself with one less body to sell. Fizban tried to barter for a higher asking price but Sam proved quite skillful and began dropping his offer in response. Fizban settled on Sam’s original offer and then used his earnings to purchase a couple of slaves from the market.

That night while Mojo and Fizban spread their feats and stories, they caught the attention of a wandering anti-paladin. A half Orc and Elf, she asked around and began spending her days staring at the Scourge’s Bad Day drawing attention to herself from the crew. Mojo went and spoke to the woman asking her business and learning her name. The anti-paladin gave her name as Dame Mycia Pilbeam, and implied she would be interested in joining the crew. Pari was dubious of the woman’s usefulness so demanded that she deal with the other people that had been watching the ship and determine who they worked for. Pari had been informed earlier in the day that 16 of her crew had gone missing in town and had sent Fizban to try and locate them. Telling the cat that if the crew had deserted by choice to kill them and if they had been held by force to retrieve them. Fizban discovered three in a bar and after interrogating them learned that the crew members had left because they didn’t approve of the ship joining the slave trade. Fizban forgetting his orders, thought about killing them before turning away. When he remembered them again, he turned around only to find that the crew members had fled for thier lives, all too used to the Captain and her crew’s harsh order. Fizban spent the rest of the day hunting down the others and killed ten men in the streets, one of which was just a passing bystander that tried to help out.

Given Lord Farnsworth to act as her proctor, Mycia went up to one of the watchers and learned that each represented a different organization that was interested in the Scourge’s Bad Day and it’s crew as they assumed she was. Mycia thinking she would be direct killed one and set the others running. She attempted to play innocent but the next day she was confronted by the town guard for murder. Putting up a fight, she managed to take down one guard by herself, earning the Captain’s interest and spells fell around her giving her the opportunity to take down the other two. Passing the Pari’s test Mycia was hired on and also earned the nickname ‘Pilbug’.

Getting what they could from the city, Scourge’s Bad Day sailed back to Tidewater Rock where they met up with Cayleb and the Lucky Dragon. They discovered that the island had been raided by the Sahaugin. Preparing for future attacks the next day a large force broke in to the tower and slaughtered the helpless woman and children that were too slow to evacuate to safety. Mycia, high on shrooms at the time, confronted the Sahaugin inside and slowed them down long enough for reinforcements to finish off the group while Pari and Fizban took care of those forces outside. Mojo examined the Sahaugin and determined that they were part of the same tribe that had tried to take ambush them earlier and for the next week Pari had her people on high alert in case any future raids should arrive. Things have been quiet and now Pari thinks it would be a good time to get a stronger familiar, and spend some time alone, meditating on a remote island.



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