So You Want to be a Pirate?

Master Scourge went down to the holds to round up the new arrivals. A rare collection had been pulled from the Formidably Maid and he had made sure to pay for the two that had been drunk and drugged per his orders. The Undine and the Catfolk, had been drinking from the bottles and had been easy to move from their seats to the hold of the Wormwood. Remembering that Undine’s were a slippery lot, Master Scourge had made sure to put some manacles on the girl’s feet. She had been covered in so much filth that Scourge hadn’t believed it was a girl at first but after the stripping she and the other three had received, as their items were taken away and put in the Quartermaster’s hold, he’d been willing to accept it.

When he woke them up, from the sound of his boots, the girl was throwing herself against a wall while the three men tried to take in their bearings. Cracking his whip, Master Scourge ordered the group above decks and was struck by the fact that none of them were moving. The Nagaji and the Human were just staring and it was bloody unnerving. Deciding to show his dominance, Master Scourge began whipping the Nagaji until the fools realized they should be following his orders.

Above deck, the foolish gits couldn’t hold their tongue and spoke at the same time as the Captain of the Wormwood, an imposing man going by the name of Barnabas Harrigan, who brooked no insubordination. Master Scourge took relish in marking the catfolk and the man for punishment at the end of the day.

His words given, the Captain left the crew to the First Mate, Mr. Plugg. Deciding where he would put the new hands, Mr. Plugg tested them to see who could climb up the main mast the fastest and made that one a rigger and picked the tall bean pole of a man to work for Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop, the ship’s cook. The Undine and Nagaji were assigned as basic swabs and they were all put to work. When the day came to a close and ship’s judgement was due, commonly known as “The Bloody Hour”, it was with some satisfaction when Jakes Magpie, a recent recruit that had been caught stealing, time had come. After a full day of beatings, he was summarily keelhauled, and did not survive the experience. Rum rations were put out and Master Scourge watched in suspicion as the cleric of Besmara sat down with the Undine and they talked. Master Scourge noticed the Nagaji was continuing to stare at him, unnerved Master Scourge decided to call it an early night.



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