So You Want to be a Pirate?

Summer 4712 AR

It was a day like any other in the Formidably Maid, one of the many bars in Port Peril, but considered one of the cleaner ones. A wide variety of races gathered for entertainment, alcohol, and a quick kiss. The Bartender, Jedediah, had been paid under the table tonight to put a little something extra in his drinks. The regulars saw the signs and cleared out, leaving only those people dumb enough to visit to go on with their tasks.

Jedediah recognized Aretta Bansion talking to a Nagaji, flirting with the scaly, pouring him drinks, and putting his hands on her body. Jedediah found Aretta’s tastes to be quite disturbing but at least he didn’t have to think on it for long as in less than an hour the two were walking out the door, hand in hand, maybe to hit another bar that didn’t have tainted drinks tonight. The barkeeper didn’t know or care, he was far more focused on the undine in the corner booth that kept on ordering another round, dressed in rags and filth, Jedediah wondered where she had gotten her money but as long as she kept providing so would he and if she passed out he wouldn’t have to worry about throwing her drunk ass out when he closed up for the night. Undines were usually pretty and this one might be too but Jedediah would throw her in the ocean first to clean off the scum.

Jedediah was distracted from the girl when a shout went up around one of the gambling tables as a catfolk won big at a hand and began ordering one of the barmaids to bring him more booze. His fur was black and his eyes had the look of a pirate one wrong move away from a fight. The bartender would have laced that one’s drinks for free, it would have only been a matter of time till the creature’s luck went bad and he’d take it out of the other patrons. Even still, Jedediah made sure to have the bouncers keep a close eye on that one, he was marked as member of one of the pirate crews that Port Peril tended to attract, though Jedediah couldn’t make out which one. In another corner, Jedediah saw a man keeping a wide berth to all the other patrons and close to the entrance. He seemed suspicious and rightly so but he kept on ordering drinks, celebrating or mourning, Jedediah had seen those types before. After three rounds, the man finished with his drink, tossed down some coins as a tip for the barmaid, and made his way out the door. It was hard not to notice the five sailors stand up and follow soon after, Jedediah would have liked to gotten the money for that one, but there was no accounting for bad luck.

When Jedediah closed his doors that night, the catfolk and the undine were passed out in their chairs, their drinks spilled, and when he came back in the morning, they were gone and in their place was two bags of gold. A very good night’s business when added to his usual take.



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