Dorian Korvat

Legendary Pirate


Dorian Korvat is a pirate who’s legend has surpassed the accomplishments of many a black hearted knave and his days on the Sea are still talked about frequently in the many bars in the island chain of the Shackles. Spending most of his life as a slave in the Chelish Empire back in 4580 AR while being transported from one end of the empire to a new buyer he led a successful revolt against the crew and commandeered the ship which he renamed Korvat’s Curse.

Dorian Korvat was a Nagaji possessed with great hatred to Chelish Empire and would frequently lead attacks against war ships, merchant vessels, and slavers that bore their flag. The numbers are never consistent but the tale is still passed around how this buccaneer once spotted an entire armada, and only taking the time for a quick a appeal to Besmara lead his crew to a day long battle that saw half the armada sunk, their crews so much chum for the shark infested waters, a quarter captured, and the few capable ships running as if Besmara herself was chasing them.

Other stories tell of the large fortunes Dorian captured and buried in hidden coves, island peaks, and the deep depths. One such cache was discovered in 4652 AR and publicized by the crew of the Virgin’s Tears, enough gold to fill the hull of a Galleon. It came as little surprise when the ship was attacked by four other pirate crews that were in port at the time and the spoils split between them.

Legend tells that Dorian wasn’t so lucky one day and when he caught sight of a Chelish flag he rushed straight towards the fray and was killed by a new weapon the empire had begun using to protect their ships, called a cannon.

Dorian Korvat

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