Master Scourge

Wormwood's Master-At-Arms


Master-at-Arms of the Wormwood, Master Scourge was in charge of crew discipline as well as setting up arrangements to increase the number of crew. A sadistic man, he was more than willing to give the lash to anyone who came up short in their day’s work. When he saw the type of crew he picked up at Port Peril he was unnerved by their behavior and did what he could to break their spirits. Beating them down and even calling on some of the older hands to make an example of the new people so they would do what was best for them and keep their heads down. When the Nagaji attempted to mutiny and go kill the quartermaster, it was vindication for his thoughts. He kept his eye on them and watched as they began to settle in, the Undine spending each evening cozing up to the other sailors that had been press ganged and trying to learn things that should stay hidden. After that he began whispering in to Mr. Plugg’s ear how the Undine was going to pull the same move the Nagaji did and it would be best to get rid of them. Mr. Plugg agreed with Master Scourge in spirit but after the loss of crew members already, they could ill afford to do without the extra hands.

Master Scourge became acting First Mate after the capture of the “Man’s Promise” and did his best to instill discipline in to the crew and alienate the Undine from her friends. He considered it a foul omen when during a storm he was swept overboard and had a strong feeling that the act had been engineered. After Sandara Quinn was captured by Gringylow, and the search party departed he convinced Mr. Plugg to tie up the disloyal members of the crew. His fate was a bad one as when the party returned, they frightened Master Scourge with tales of defeating terrible sea monsters, covered him in poisonous spiders, tried to blow him away with a great wind, and cursed him. Moving like the hounds of hell were after him he tried to throw himself overboard and escape only to be chewed on by the Undine’s familiar, the Baron. Sickened by the display, Sandara shot Master Scourge in the head to put him out of his misery.

Pleased by her success, Pari has taken on the role of Captain and named her ship after the cruel taskmaster that helped shape them in to the crew they became. Scourge’s Bad Day.

Master Scourge

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